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  • In the past several days in October, we have joined the Vaper Expo UK, which has successfully grew into the biggest and most recognised e-cigarette and vaping expo's in Europe. During the trade fair,we not only listened to the feedback from our costomers, but also tasted eliquid from other suppliers, which is vital to our future research and development. By joining different trade fairs, we can make our eliquid known by more and more people from world wide. Now let's take a look at our achievements!


  • The last word on words has spoken. Oxford Dictionaries chose "vape" as the word of the year. 
    It was selected over cringeworthier choices such as "slacktivism" or "bae" — the latter a term of endearment that was a top contender for censorship in Time magazine's "Which Word Should Be Banned in 2015?" poll.


  • While e-cigarette adverts have been on television for some time, showing the device itself was banned until a change in advertising rules which came into force on Monday.

    The Committee of Advertising Practice has ruled that adverts must not show tobacco "in a positive light".

    Critics warn showing e-cigarette use could normalise the imagery of smoking.

    The British government banned cigarette advertising on television in 1965.


  • Suddenly, they're everywhere. You see electronic cigarettes on sale in every convenience store and tiny vapor shops in every strip mall.

    E-cigarettes — a term that includes everything from cheap disposable "vape pens" to elaborate vaporizers costing hundreds of dollars — are a booming business. Sales surpassed $1 billion annually last year, as dominant tobacco companies like Reynolds American get into the market.